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Full Circle Systems trains your people in simple, memorable and entertaining Safety, Awareness and Defense

(not the standard BS)

Most training is frankly boring and unmemorable. The problem with this is that if anything should happen, your people become victims instead of capable people with a good plan. We are tired of our industry messing around and teaching what you can get free on youtube. By removing the complex ideas and giving you an uncomplicated process and plan, we keep your people safe. You deserve better, and we are delivering!

We Are Full Circle Systems Security and Defense

Most places of business, healthcare, clinics, agencies and offices are completely unprepared for violence. The security training industry is confusing at best, with very fractured training plans and solutions. At Full Circle Systems, we offer clear, simple and actionable training for you and your people.

  • Active Shooter / Active Killer
  • Workplace Violence
  • Healthcare Violence
  • Domestic Violence and spillover
  • Hostage Situations
  • School Lockdowns
  • Nightclub Attacks
  • Terrorism and Acts of Terror

As you know, these are just some of the recent headlines that are in the news. The rate of violence in this country and around the world has spiked during the last few years. Instead of focusing on the fear, we choose to help you learn the best and most effective solutions to facing these situations.

Simple, Effective and Proven Plans to Prevent Violent Situations

While not all violence is completely avoidable, much of it is. No one ever wants to think that something bad could happen to them, especially during their daily life. We understand this and never want you to live in a state of fear or become a statistic of violence. You and your people deserve the best effort given for the time and money you invest to keep them safe. As a result we understand that no situation is “one size fits all”. As a result, our baseline training consists of:

  • Personnel questionnaire
  • Threat analysis, both on site and personnel related
  • Critical awareness training
  • Urgent situational decision making
  • Deescalation techniques
  • Baseline defensive tactics
  • Active shooter / active killer training
  • Local law enforcement and first responder asset connections

Who Do We Work With?

Although we believe that everyone need basic safety, awareness and security training, there are too many businesses that are underserved. At Full Circle Systems, we have specific programs and training for these industry segments:

These represent our standard business partnerships. While we routinely work with businesses, we at FCS also provide basic information and training to individuals who are not affiliated with a company or do not have the means to pay for professional training. These can be found through our media resources by clicking here.

Contact Full Circle Systems to Work With You

We consider it our duty, honor and responsibility to provide the best training to keep people safe in the industry. To find out how we can work with you and your people, please email us at info@fullcirclesystems.co or call toll free 1-877-474-6050. We look forward to serving you.