Rick Seigmund

CEO and Founder – Rick Seigmund

balboa-headshot-copyI hate writing in the third person, so I won’t. I grew up in the South, the youngest of four boys. My father was a craftsman, a woodworker and builder of incredible talent. We were hard working and hard playing I suppose, and had not much money. Our mother instilled a voracious love for reading in all four of us, and we devoured books as much as possible. Westerns, adventure and high fantasy were the orders of the day. For me, from Louis L’amour to Tolkien, I was enraptured with the hero, standing for right and protecting those in need, against countless opponents and odds. A passion for adventure and predisposition of standing up for people in need was born! You could say it ruined me for life in a sense.

Adulthood found me following me in my family footsteps practicing the craft of custom woodwork and homebuilding. Then real estate and building downturn of 2007-2008 happened. The economy took its nosedive, and I took my lumps in a lack of work. So, the inner “good guy” in me cried out for a change, and I went in to Federal Law Enforcement, the U.S. Border Patrol to be specific. The Patrol had the effect of waking up the proverbial “Sheepdog”┬áin me.

My time in the Patrol immersed me in intelligence gathering, negotiations, conflict resolution, crisis management, counter terrorism, and interagency collaboration. I relished the work, and the new challenges that it brought. As time went on, I found myself immersed more and more researching case studies of the more frequent accounts of terrorism, hostage situations and violence. It has become an area that I am driven to become very fluent in.

On the business side of things, I am an entrepreneur. Beyond doing the craft of remodeling and woodwork, I have immersed myself in marketing, sales, media, writing and film. Definitely a unique path for a woodworker turned law enforcement and intelligence agent, but appropriate considering the scope of this business. It is my honor to serve and protect you and yours. If you have any questions free to contact me at rick@fullcirclesystems.co.