You are our family and friends. Those we work with and love, and we want you to go home to your family tonight.

Welcome to Full Circle Systems Security and Defense – the people who work the hardest to protect you and yours in an uncertain world. We craft strong teams using simple safety and security solutions.

Why do we do such a thing?

Rick Seigmund, founder and CEO

We hate fear.

We hate fear, fear mongering, manipulation, terror (and terrorists), bullies, and those who want to hurt you. If we hate all of those things, then what do we love? People like you. Because as stated above, you are our friends, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters, friends and work mates. You are our nurses and caretakers, our kids teachers, our neighbors. You are the people that we swore an oath years ago to protect and defend.

Imagine a day that is just like every day. You are at work, doing your job and going about your business. You round a corner and see a work friend of yours in a discussion that turns heated, very quickly. The other person (not your friend) becomes agitated and very animated. Suddenly, from out of nowhere, this individual pulls a knife and stabs your friend three times, and then turns and sees you. The knife wielding attacker is now running at you…

No one ever wants the situation described above to happen, much less even think about the possibilities. The latest FBI statistics show that episodes of both active shooter and violence are on the rise. In the face of the rising risk of encountering or even being affected by a situation like this, we want you to have the best chance possible to either avoid or survive an incident.

Coming home to your friends and loved ones is invaluable. It is our passion and purpose to get you there, today and every day after.

Task and Purpose

DJ Phalen, founder and COO

FCS was formed to fill a glaring void in the world of personal protection training. DJ and I know that there are well intended and good companies doing their best to serve the industries with awareness and protection training. The training in the industry, while popular and tested, needs to be rethought and reformed. As stated, there is not, and can not be, an singular solution to every situation be it active shooter, aggressive and out of control individual, or whatever else may take place on your site. A better and thorough perspective on historical situations and adapted responses with better outcomes is necessary. Is is this purpose that we formed FCS. We consider it our duty, obligation and responsibility to consistently question the standards of training and raise the bar to better protect you and yours in this uncertain world.

There is no one size fits all formula, that’s why we focus on your situation and context.

We are former law enforcement and homeland security professionals. We also specialize serving the health care system and services by collaborating with experts from your industry.

While there are plenty of training companies trying to do a good job preparing companies for violent events and active shooter, most people can watch the FBI’s “Run-Hide-Fight” video and come away with the same knowledge and preparedness.

Instead of teaching the same, generic information that everyone else does:

  • FCS S&D understands the unique factors involved in the various aspects of healthcare and different facilities
  • We begin with a focus of awareness for all elements of your staff, beginning with the combative person
  • We produce weekly audio and video resources to keep you informed of the latest information and trends as well as giving you the information to keep you and yours aware and safe

In this time of escalating violence and threats, as well as overwhelming regulations to conform to, we are here to help. Full Circle Systems Security and Defense can guide and prepare your people and organization to face these challenges with confidence and resiliency. For more information about working with us, please click here.