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Protecting Our Children

Protecting Our Children

Protecting our children is the most significant duty of any people. This rings especially true as a parent. The article that inspired this episode (linked below) begin’s like this: “Some may find the following post to be disturbing. Reader discretion advised.”¬† Weak sauce. I’m not upset at the author of this piece for putting this […]

Entire Bunker Hill Indiana Police Department Resigns

Entire Bunker Hill Indiana Police Department Resigns This is just a couple of days after our episode dealing with the hypothetical of this situation. The entire Bunker Hill Indiana Police Department resigns. Read the article and details on your own, but this puts a bite of reality on our previous show. Delayed law enforcement response […]

Helping Others – Personal Protection Plan Part 3

Maturity is ultimately measured by looking at someones attitude towards helping others.. ¬†This is especially true regarding a personal protection plan. Helping others in your life is where you gravitate toward as you mature in your own process. First you must understand that you need a plan. After that you go through the process of […]