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Kootenai Health Shooting

The Kootenai Health Shooting and Domestic Violence Former jail employee: System needs to do better job protecting women in domestic violence situations On Wednesday March 9, 2017 everything went wrong for nursing student Kelly Pease. Her former boyfriend, Steven Denson violated a restraining order, found Ms. Pease in her car at work and killed her. […]

Healthcare Cyber Threats and Solutions: Ted Harrington of ISE

 Healthcare Cyber Threats and Solutions The conversation about healthcare cyber threats and solutions is a hard one. This interview is with Ted Harrington, the Executive Partner at Independent Security Evaluators. A bit about ISE in their own words. ISE is an independent security firm in Baltimore, Maryland dedicated to aggressive defense strategies through advanced science. Our […]

Brigham And Women’s Hospital Security Fail

Our Secure Places Aren’t So Secure We all think places like hospitals are safe and secure from people who should’t be there. Not so as the latest Brigham And Women’s Hospital security fail clearly shows us. Like many of you, when I go to a hospital, it is usually not because I really want to be […]

California’s New Workplace Violence Healthcare Regulations & what it means to You

Cal/OSHA has implemented a substantial change in policy and new regulations for healthcare settings. This has been assisted by nurses unions and is looking to be adopted by other states and organizations as a model program. The California Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board (OSHSB) today voted unanimously to approve nation-leading regulations to prevent workplace […]

An Update on the Ben Taub Hospital Shooting

An Update on the Ben Taub Hospital Shooting

An Update on the Ben Taub Hospital Shooting We promised an update on the Ben Taub Hospital Shooting. It turns out that I was mistaken about the role of the deputy that responded to the attack.  If you did not listen to the first episode dealing with this, you can listen by clicking here. My […]

Ben Taub Hospital Shooting

Ben Taub Hospital Shooting

Ben Taub Hospital Shooting An off duty deputy working at the Ben Taub Hospital in Houston Texas shot an inmate holding a medical student hostage. Full article linked below. A deputy shot and wounded an inmate receiving care in Houston’s Ben Taub Hospital Thursday morning after the patient obtained an ‘edged weapon’ and held it […]

When Everything Goes Wrong World Premier

Welcome to When Everything Goes Wrong When Everything Goes Wrong is the media division of Full Circle Systems. This is the World Premier episode! Violence is a real and growing problem. We don’t want you to be either fearful or apathetic. We want you to be decidedly aware and ready. So, in this first episode of […]

Update: Police search for suspect who caused Holy Cross lockdown | News | taosnews.com

Code Gray The Taos Police Department is searching for a man they say caused a lockdown to be put in place at Holy Cross Hospital. Hospital security threats such as domestic violence outbursts are a real concern. Here is an example of a recent incident. Source: Update: Police search for suspect who caused Holy Cross […]

Hospital Threats and Adjusting to a new mindset

Hospital threats are now part of the new reality of our times. In the hopes of preparing you for the best possible outcomes, we are providing information to help. This is an article of our Chief Operations Officer DJ Phalen being interviewed following a training course related to bombing incidents in a hospital setting. Source: […]