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Healthcare Cyber Threats and Solutions: Ted Harrington of ISE

 Healthcare Cyber Threats and Solutions The conversation about healthcare cyber threats and solutions is a hard one. This interview is with Ted Harrington, the Executive Partner at Independent Security Evaluators. A bit about ISE in their own words. ISE is an independent security firm in Baltimore, Maryland dedicated to aggressive defense strategies through advanced science. Our […]

Brigham And Women’s Hospital Security Fail

Our Secure Places Aren’t So Secure We all think places like hospitals are safe and secure from people who should’t be there. Not so as the latest Brigham And Women’s Hospital security fail clearly shows us. Like many of you, when I go to a hospital, it is usually not because I really want to be […]

Ransomware: Coming To A Hospital Near You? – Dark Reading

10 ways to protect healthcare systems from ransomware and other malware infections. Ransomeware attacks have hit the healthcare industry at an unprecedented rate this year. Along with finding the most relevant and timely information for you, Full Circle Systems offers you the best front line training and solutions on cyber security in the industry. Source: […]